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  • Medium Format Installation Loudspeaker Systems

    It is nearly impossible to satisfy the demand for the almost infinite variety of medium to large audio applications. Different sizes, shapes, source locations, audience coverage areas, required output levels and audio programs require a distinct approach whether permanently installed or temporarily deployed. Forsythe has developed a large selection of broadly applicable and configurable loudspeaker systems to solve the unique challenges presented to system engineers.
    From comprehensively integrated products with user configurable coverage, to horn loaded 3-way line source models and ultra-compact 2-way point source models – Forsythe has the right solution for each and every application.
    The wide variety of dedicated installation models integrate technologies such as beam forming and steering, high efficiency amplification, powerful DSP, user- rotatable horns, CSA technology and Forsythe Focusing into optimized loudspeaker systems designed to address the challenges of any venue.