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    The new CX300 brings EAW’s Close CouplingTM to cinema applications with a line of dedicated cinema Close Coupled Electronic CrossoversTM. The CX300 must be factory- configured to control a specific EAW cinema screen channel system.
    Rather than develop generic crossover settings that provide substandard system integration, EAW tightly aligns (Close CouplesTM) each crossover configuration to the specific loudspeaker it controls. These cost effective, single rack space, analog electronic crossovers are designed for use in biamplified or triamplified applications.
    The CX300 Close Coupled Electronic Crossover is available as a three-channel configuration, so a single device will provide crossover, equalization, and time-offset functions for a Left, Center, and Right (3-channel) cinema system.
    Each model comes preconfigured from the factory. This removes the burden of “setting up” from the end user and assures optimum system performance of every bi or triamplified EAW Cinema screen channel loudspeaker system. Go to the CX300 Crossover Selector Chart to determine the appropriate CX300 configuration for your screen channel loudspeakers.
    CX300 Configuration   Loudspeaker Controlled