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        Sound systems are currently more and more applied in different environments and places, customers want us to provide different sound systems to meet their needs for different applications, which need to be more professional, more diverse system design.  Therefore, the solutions to provide to the customers should have the leadership in technology and unique in system design.  Forysthe has wide range of product line, strong system design and technical support team, and excellent quality production to guarantee this BTO customer service.

        Forsythe uphold the extraordinary visual sense of the pursuit of perfection, focusing on technical design and the perfect fusion of artistic expression, committed to provide excellent design and better services.  According to the special requirements of Chinese customers, Forsythe provide BTO custom-made service that can better and more direct service to customers and their projects in China.

        The products we offer you are designed by the Forsythe Audio Systems technical team based on your specific project requirements and are also made by our certified manufacturer with excellent quality assurance.  We present the perfect quality and technology, derived from the Forsythe Audio Systems brand of thirty years of experience in technology and precipitation.

        BTO custom-made is the heritage and continuation of the classic story for Forsythe Audio Systems brand.


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        Beijing:86-10-64612646     Beijing:86-10-64612646
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         E-mail:sales@forsythe-audio.com      E-mail:sales@forsythe-audio.com