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     Forsythe Audio Systems brand comes from the European tradition of art and classical music to commemorate and associations.Forsythe quotes from a European old name, with the shape of the part of loudspeaker - Horn as the outline of the background, creating a personalized design trademark.It is used to reflect the Forsythe audio products for the transmission of classical and elegant.  It is also designed to show Forsythe Audio Systems attributes and style of music. The Logo reflects the composition of a artistic loudspeaker’s structure as well as the dynamic center outward divergence potential. It presents Forsythe Audio Systems the extraordinary taste of music and art, that brings people aesthetic enjoyment of the hearing.


    Forsythe Audio Systems also responded to the trend of modern art, and strive to create classic, elegant and traditional style in the field of audio professional industry.  It adheres to the sediment through a lot of culture after the traditional design ideas, and strives to design and produces outstanding professional audio products."


    “Forsythe Audio Systems” brand has been officially registered both in the U.S. and China. The products covered by the loudspeakers, power amplifier and audio processor series. Forsythe Audio Systems products are all joint developed by excellent domestic and international R&D design team.  It also refer to the audio industry design trends, and is specifically made for Chinese users with excellent quality, affordable price.